The VA Platform

Increased functionality, fine-tuned performance, plug & play approach

The VA Cam platform integrates camera-technology with a CPU and communication technology dedicated to running Vision Analytic (VA) software locally. The platform comes with a range of VA applications but is open for third-parties to install their own VA software. The VA Cam is made for areas with low-medium bandwidth (non-fibre) connectivity in which near real-time response demands are present. VA Cam is deployed in time-critical critical domains, including traffic enforcement, surveillance and tolling.

VA Hardware

VA Cam hardware is streamlined to work with ARS T&TT back-office products. The cameras are also easily configured to work with any third-party back-office software applications.

VA Cams Software

The VA Cam operates on an industrial grade version of Windows 10 IoT. ARS T&TT’s VA software provider, Scapeye, offers a wide range of vision analytic software, and comprehensive back-office products are supplied by ARS T&TT.

VA Cams Cloud

We offer a variety of cloud-based services on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. With our cloud services, scaling solutions to meet demand has never been easier.


Powerful edge device

Utilising the latest Intel CPUs to deliver server performance in a compact IP66 camera case, supporting CPU-hungry apps.

Versatile, modular hardware

The range of hardware components ensure a best-fit match for any application.

Highly configurable software

The integrated VA Workflow Manager & VA Filter software provides users with the ability to assign task priorities and reduce unnecessary processing where possible.

4G & Wi-Fi as standard

4G and Wi-Fi routers provide the user with the best possible bandwidth.



The VA Workflow Manager provides the framework for VA plugins to run simultaneously, seamlessly.

Standalone system

Rural area, no fibre connectivity?. No problem. Combining powerful edge computing with 4G/Wi-Fi enables VA Cams to be installed without the need for installing fibre connections.

Future proof

Need an upgrade? The modular hardware feature allows users to upgrade individual software and hardware components. Software updates can be done “over the air”.


Standardised industrial grade components provide the best quality at the best prices.

"It is our mission to provide our customers with cost-effective technology products that optimize the utilization and safety of existing and new infrastructure in the world-wide trend of urbanization and increasing mobility."
Dr. Jan Linssen

About VA

Visual Assistant

VA, standing for Visual Assistant, is the product of two highly specialized IT companies in the fields of transportation technology and visual analytics. VA delivers comprehensive monitoring and enforcement tools used by industries such as Intelligent Transportation Systems and the security sector.

The complete VA platform was primarily created by ARS T&TT and Scapeye to deliver their clients high quality ITS solutions which are robust, reliable and cost-effective. Exceptionally configurable software and modular hardware make sure that all the solutions we offer are highly scalable and stay at the cutting edge of technological advances.

One Platform - Many Solutions

Our services have the backing of over 300 international specialists covering all required disciplines, from traffic engineers to mechanical engineers and from project managers to software architects.

You can find VA headquartered at the ARS T&TT office building in the Hague. From there, we offer our services to clients all over Europe and recently, to new markets in Asia.

VA Cam eliminates the need to have multiple systems in place to meet the requirements of different applications. Whether you are running a smart city, cracking down on crime or combatting air pollution, the VA Cam is a universal tool to meet the growing demands of customers globally.


VA Hardware

Rugged, durable, adaptable.

Modular hardware, versatile software and powerful performance. Our range of VA camera systems maximise edge computing allowing for less expensive and simpler back-office servers. Data storage and transmission are encrypted to comply to the most stringent GDPR laws. VA Cams are open to all third-party video analytic software making the possibilities endless.

At VA, we value safety, the environment and quality of life. We have carefully preselected three unique hardware configurations to help us deliver solutions which meet our values. Of course, custom configurations are possible and our team will guide you to ensure the optimal solution is found. 


Safe roads with SafeCam. Delivers unprecedented quality and maximum performance to achieve outstanding results automatically. The ideal tool for average speed enforcement.


For demanding environments where ANPR camera enforcement is necessary. The EZCam is a benefit to the environment and ensures Smart Cities continue to thrive.


Hassle free and ready to deploy anywhere. The ReaDCam is the comprehensive traffic management tool meeting the industry demands of tomorrow.

Features & Benefits

We assemble all systems with well established COTS components, allowing best quality at best prices.

We equip very VA camera with a 4G & Wi-Fi router to ensure connectivity even in areas with limited or zero bandwidth.

Powerful processors are integrated within the camera to implement of all the visual analytics functionality desired. Localized processing eliminates any unnecessary data transfer.

Besides conventional wired connections, all VACams are equipped with 4G & Wi-Fi, making them ideal for areas with limited or zero fiber connectivity.

VA Cams are  IP 66 weatherproof and have features enabling continuous operation between -30 : 60 degrees Celsius.

We design internal components so we can replace them effortlessly, allowing for easy upgrades in the field.

VA Cams software allows for additional functionality to be added with the click of a button. Main features include:

  • Vision analytic workflow manager (for optimal core use)
  • Vehicle filtering (don’t read unnecessary plates)
  • Vision analytic plugin library
  • SNMP & Web GUI
  • SDK & API
  • OTA updates

An onboard IP camera delivering high-resolution overview images providing secondary evidence for enforcement purposes.

Images are captured in a raw data format. A range of readily available cameras & lenses delivers optimal image quality is obtained. An integrated IR flasher ensures no details are missed during the night.

VA Software

Intelligent, reliable, performant.

Software solutions

VA software is embedded into Windows 10 IoT and is highly configurable making your solutions highly scalable. We also have a host of predeveloped ITS software products available including ANPR, virtual loop triggers and classifier libraries.

Our software is powered by ARS Traffic & Transport Technology & Scapeye.

Features include

  • Integrated workflow manager to optimize hardware utilization
  • SDK and API allowing easy access for 3rd party software integration
  • Pluggable framework for machine vision & IP cameras
  • Filter and detection plugins to eliminate unwanted image processing
  • Web GUI / JSON WebSocket / Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Back-office Support

ARS T&TT has been providing complete end-to-end ITS solutions since 1997 including comprehensive back-office support. Dynamic approaches towards dealing with huge volumes of real-time traffic data allow for a variety of back-office solutions including:

  • Traffic management
  • Automatic Enforcement
  • Data Warehousing
  • Planning & Logistics
  • Public Transportation
  • Parking

VA Cloud

We offer a variety of cloud based services on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. We understand the needs of our customers vary depending on current demand. So with our cloud services, scaling up or down is never a problem. Users of our cloud services will also have easy access to the VA App Store where a variety of vision analytic applications will be hosted.

For any inquiries please email:


Diverse software and adaptable hardware provide the basis for a wide range of applications

Traffic Enforcement

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is used to help detect, deter and disrupt violations. With our cameras, you can apply the most modern, cost & time effective methods of enforcement.

How ANPR Works

Uses of ANPR systems

Road Safety

Using the right software, authorities can use our cameras to detect illegal lane changes, vehicles driving in bus lanes or driving in the wrong direction.

Red light enforcement

Jumping red lights can lead to catastrophic consequences. ANPR cameras can be used to identify and penalize unnecessary risk takers.

Average speed enfocement

We use ANPR systems on highways, freeways, boulevards, bridges, tunnels and work zones to detect the average speed of cars, trucks, motorbikes, buses and all kind of vehicles.

Environmental zones

Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and France are only a few of the countries which use ANPR cameras as a tool to monitor vehicles that enter environmental zones and detect violations.


Tolling is one of the main uses of ANPR cameras. For instance, a free-flow system is a great solution that replaces traditional toll booths. In addition, ANPR cameras are also used for detecting toll violations.

Traffic Management

Traffic management systems provide authorities with online traffic management tools, traffic information forecasts and the ability to do offline traffic analysis. These systems are completely built on data acquired from traffic data monitoring, traffic data processing, and warehousing services.

The traffic data from the various traffic monitoring sources are given as comments to a traffic data warehouse, containing a database with historical and online traffic information. High-quality traffic information and forecasts are derived from this data, with the help of filtering and data fusion algorithms. These results are then applied in traffic information, traffic management, and traffic engineering domains.

How can ANPR systems attain effective traffic management?

Imagine you are heading with your car to the city center, driving on a highway. At one point, early in your journey, you’ll see a sign notifying you of how much time you’ll need to get to the city center. In some cases, it may also suggest you alternative routes you can follow to save time and notifies you for delays ahead or provides safety information for drivers passing by roadwork zones.

Before you pass that sign, ANPR cameras have captured the journey time of the cars who did the same route as you plan to do.Those cameras, are placed usually at the beginning of that journey and at the end of it. They capture the license plate of each car and they then average the journey time speed. In that way, they can predict the following journey times for the drivers that intend to follow the same path.

Traffic management techniques can also be applied in smaller roads and tolls. In similar fashion, drivers are informed as to whether they should expect a delay in their journey or some incidents they should bear in mind and in addition, they can also be used for automatic payment in tolls.

ANPR cameras can be used to capture and process the information of all vehicles that enter and exit the area you want to monitor. Similar monitoring techniques are used in environmental zones (Low Emission Zones), restricted driving zones, car parking, areas of high traffic interest. The information provided by those cameras can help you to discover meaningful insight on the traffic in the monitored areas, report violations highway code violations, help you in desirable environmental studies and apply incident detection software.

ANPR systems are as well easy to install, non-intrusive and can be updated by a 4G network, without a physical presence. Our cameras are open to an abundant variety of software, available in app stores, which makes them proper for any kind of usec

What to use ANPR Cameras for?

Traffic Monitoring & Traffic Management are regarded as two fundamental uses of ANPR cameras. Able to function day and night using infrared flashers, ANPR cameras are unmatched in their ability to capture high-definition digital images, process the required information present on those images and transmit the data to processing units that can be handled by public authorities or private sectors.


In large city centres, where rush hours lead to slow, disorganized traffic movement, ANPR is used in traffic management systems to assist the local authorities in providing solutions that reduce traffic congestion and optimize the travel time, leading to less frustrated drivers and safer roads for everyone’s benefit.